IamProgrez Update 4: Weird Smells and Funny Hats

The Office smells like a mixture of static discharge, sweat, wonder and caffeine. It’s the aroma of building something awesome

(We’re thinking of bottling it and making it our official Cologne – YouAreBusy™)

The upcoming deployment of Ready4Work  has consumed us all. Once tanned faces are now pallid and pale.Coders taking  power naps while their fingers continuing to code in the open air. I’ve got matchsticks keeping my eyes open as I write this.

We’re GRINDING and loving it. There is nothing more fulfilling to us than realizing our Gamification passions.

Naturally the new intern’s brains have imploded (we don’t talk about the last ones)

First we take them all sailing on what was a spectacularly beautiful day.

14322662_1166399446764273_4068528974808390110_nThey have no idea…

Then we strap them into chairs, stick funny hats on our heads and align them with us in testing the current build.

img_20160909_144311The reality of Agile thinking

The unsurprising thing is they’re loving it and of course they do: We picked people who’s passions and skills aligned with us using gamification instead of stupid questionnaires.

img_20160909_151908We do let people out for fresh air occasionally!

So yes, the air smells questionable right now, we’ve had to replace the coffee machine twice and we’re riding that narrow edge between ‘insanity and genius and you know what?


That’s IamProgrez for you.

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