IamProgrez Update One: Why we went Ninja


You’ve probably noticed the website has gone ‘poof‘.

It’s doesn’t mean we’ve stopped building the finest Gamification tools and games known to Homo Sapiens. I decided while the website is down our colleagues, clients and fans deserve a little peak into what’s going on until we’re back up.

So why did we ‘Go Ninja“? I could say a horde of monkeys stormed our servers for all the bad banana puns we’ve used over the last two years. Perhaps we had a spy in our midst and they decided to strike back? ( Jurassic Park anybody?)

Truth? The website didn’t cut it anymore. We’ve evolved and our old website didn’t show that: Evolved not just as a company and our business model but most importantly in our Vision.

So we kicked it screaming out the nearest airlock.

Right now our team of designers led by our fearless Designer Boyan is currently building the new one. It’s only wire-frames and concept designs at the moment but everyone here has got the tingles. You know: Little arm hairs curling in excitement? They’re soooo on the right track.

It’s awesome business as usual. We’re in the first Sprint in our super cool project building Ready4Work for Noord Brabant (R4WNB). Huib, Hidde and the team are almost finished building the prototype website and implementing the HTML framework. They should be moving into the ‘Interactive’ section of the project by next week (I have blocked their access to Pokémon Go until Sprint One is complete)

Expect an update every Thursday (unless the Monkeys return). In the meantime connect with us on FB and Twitter if you haven’t already.

Okay. You can go back to playing Pokémon Go now 😉

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