Infographic: Games Make Learning Fun!

“It’s infographics like these that help stop the Education sector running screaming from the mishmash of terms in the Gamification Industry”

As usual the field of gamification and game learning is awash in terms, terminology, misconceptions and confusion. If that’s the case for the Industry what do you think that makes teachers, students and parents make of the whole thing?

That’s where wonderful infographics like this one come in. They easily break down concepts and definitions, delving into everything from Game Based Learning to Serious Games (and the core differences between them!)

It even goes as far to set out what people should expect from a good game! I think Infographics like these are so critical right now for an Education industry (and the teachers and students within it) to begin to better grasp the core fundamentals of the exciting to us (but almost terrifying/confusing to others) field we call Gamification and Gamified Skill Assessment.

Games Make Learning Fun Infographic


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